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30 July 2021
Theatre Royal Haymarket
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I finally got around to seeing this new-ish musical sensation. And it was definitely worth the wait! With musicals made from films it’s always a bit hit and miss, especially films from the 80s that didn’t necessarily age very well. However, Heathers is definitely in the hit category here!

The plot revolves around Veronica, who goes from being an outsider, to becoming part of the most popular friends group of her high school, the Heathers, who make a sport out of bullying their way through the school. Soon, Veronica meets a transfer student, JD, with whom she “accidentally” poisons one of the Heathers. Things quickly spiral out of control from there.

The musical follows the plot quite closely with some adjustments for the stage. It’s loud and surprisingly cheerful for the dark subject matter, bright and colourful and so much fun! With extraordinary talent cast in the main roles, the show was such a joy to watch. If you liked the 1989 film at all, do not miss your chance to see this musical, it’s absolutely stunning. 

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