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Professor Puzzle Trio

Escape From Dead Town, The Casino Of Chaos, The Mall
01 July 2021
at home
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

I recently got a hold of Professor Puzzle’s quick-fire escape room trio, and tackled them all in one evening. These escape room box games can be played with up to four players in a competitive fashion, but of course also as a coop or alone. They work with four individual puzzles that each give you a sentence that helps find which of the multitude of escape doors is the one correct one!

First up, The Casino Of Chaos. In this game, you have to find your way to the fabled Hope Diamond, outwit the owner of the casino, and find the one exit that’ll see you escape with your treasure. I really enjoyed the four little puzzles, but found it quite easy to solve with just about 25 mins of game play. As an experienced player, that’s to be expected from easier games though. The theming was quite well done and all solutions seemed quite obvious and easy to find, so a very streamlined game that was quite a pleasure to play!

Secondly, I gave Escape From The Mall a go, which is an 80s branded romp through a traditional American mall where manage to get locked into the local mall with a group of friends and now have to find your way out. The games in this game were still quite straight forward, but a little more involved and with beautiful 80s theming! Probably my favourite of the trilogy of games. It took me about 28 minutes to finish.

Lastly, Escape From Dead Town, where you find yourself in a town full of zombies and must find a way to get to the military helicopter scheduled to leave very soon before you get bitten. This game I found to be a bit different, somehow two of the puzzles didn’t make much sense to me, and even after checking the hints on one of them, I’m not sure how you’d arrive at the conclusions necessary to get the correct answer. I still managed to make a good guess and lucked out by getting the correct door in the end. The third game took me about 35 minutes to finish and was definitely my least favourite.

Still, it’s a fun set of games and would definitely be suitable for small groups of less experienced players and the theming is really good on all three of theme with good quality props and some very fun little games to try to figure out. Unfortunately a bit same-y if you play them all in a row though.

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