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The Game Is Now – official outdoor game

The Official Outdoor Game
30 July 2021
Central London
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

As a friend of mine was moving back to their country of origin, we decided to book us in to try out the official 221b outdoor game starting at Baker Street. With a rather small price tag of £15 per person, and starting at a very suitable address, we were quite hyped to get started. The whole thing works through the Actionbound app, which I’ve used through the Picnic Hunters event from Gingerline before, so I was familiar with how to work it. This one was a little trickier to use though as it had a lot of videos and sound clips between the riddles and puzzles, but didn’t always synchronise well between our two devices.

The branded content was absolutely fantastic, with video and sound clips from some of our favourite characters from the series. It did make it quite immersive and very exciting for fans of the show. The riddles and things we needed to find were a different matter all together. This game is available in several locations across the UK, so I’m assuming it’ll be quite different for each one. But the Central London one had some riddles that were way too obvious, and others that seemed way too obtuse and were not answerable without googling or taking a wild guess here and there.

I was hoping for more challenging logic puzzles suitable for Sherlock branded content. But then again, we’re both relatively experienced with escape rooms and outdoor puzzle hunts, so maybe it’s simply aimed at beginners more than us.

Another thing that bugged me was that there were several instances of being sent to a different location a few hundred meters away with absolutely nothing significant waiting at the end of the trail. It did feel a little like being sent across London for no good reason as there wasn’t anything at the destination that would help us solve the current puzzle or find a vital clue, just another message that we needed to move on somewhere else. Surely London offers enough interesting locations to make each trail worth the walk to find something important at the end of it.

Overall I still enjoyed it, but more due to the branded content rather than the actual puzzles. Definitely worth it for a Sherlock fan for the character recordings alone, but be aware that the puzzles aren’t all that great.

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