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29 June 2021
Gillian Lynne Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

As most of you know, I love me a good musical! So when I heard that a new re-imagining of Cinderella was coming to London, I just had to jump on it and get preview tickets to scope it out. And let me just start off with a strong recommendation: Do yourself the favour and go see this show asap before you hear too many spoilers about the plot! I’m going to keep this review quite vague due to this, so here we go.

Set in the small town of Belleville, we meet the aggressively gorgeous inhabitants of this picturesque town who strive for perfection in the name of boosting tourism. Except for one villager who is of course going completely against the grain, Cinderella. This reimagining sees Cinderella become the rebel in town who wants nothing to do with her perfectionist contemporaries to start with, until of course the royal ball is announced to find a suitable wife for the prince.

But in this new musical, everything is not as it seems and misunderstandings abound! It’s absolutely beautifully done with a lot of storylines that lift the heart and warm the spirits. I’ll definitely be back to see it again once it reopens and gets a proper premiere! Beautiful show with a beautiful cast and a beautiful soundtrack.

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