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Observations On Being

Observations On Being
10 July 2021
London Road Cemetery, Coventry
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I had an absolutely stunning time at Coventry2021 Observations On Being today. An immersive audioscape created in the beautiful London Road Cemetery in Coventry, this exhibition focuses on life on our planet, from plant to human, from death to life.

The experience is so soothing and grounding, I can’t recommend it enough. The journey leads through darkness and light, indoors and out, accompanying poetry with beautiful soundscapes and animated, interactive projections. It made me stop and rest, breathe and connect.

A gorgeous experience that ended with a sampling of Longplayer, a 1000yr long musical composition that started playing on the 31st December 1999 and will continue to play until the end of 2999 without repetition. It’s still on until the 15th of August, so if you can get yourself to Coventry, grab a ticket and experience this incredible journey!

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