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Death Drop

Death Drop
20 May 2021
Criterion Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Theatre! Oh, how I have missed it! It’s been a good five months without live theatre entertainment for me, so I was super excited to get back into an auditorium last week.

I had originally booked Death Drop for my Christmas break last year, but lockdown got in the way and they only just got to open the show again. It’s been a long wait, so the anticipation built up quite a bit. And what a show to return to it was.

Death Drop is a murder mystery comedy with an all drag performer cast. Taking us back to the good old days of 1991, we find ourselves in the mansion of an eccentric widow who is hosting a dinner party with an eclectic selection of guests, catered by local talent. Quickly the dark secrets each of the guests is hiding lead to tension, and when the first body drops, the accusations go flying.

This show was incredibly kitsch, boldly overdrawn, and deliciously funny. An absolute delight to watch and a brilliant start to theatre returning into our lives. If you can, go get a ticket and have a gorgeous laugh with a stellar cast of performers!

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