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Secret City Trails – Colours, Curiosities, and Courtyards

Colours, Curiosities, and Courtyards
26 May 2021
King’s Cross area, London
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Recently, The Escaperoomer invited me to the Secret City Trails puzzle walk around King’s Cross station. Titled Colours, Curiosity, and Courtyards, the trail promises hidden secrets of the area, and plenty of puzzles and riddles to solve. This discovery trail works through a regular mobile browser, no app to download, and every team member can log in and see the same content simultaneously. After having a quick read of the rules of play, we were ready to go!

We headed off on a grey Sunday afternoon, quickly following the clues and getting our first bits of local trivia tid-bits. The trail leads through several hidden gems around King’s Cross and really hits that instant gratification with quick rewards and beautiful spots to visit. Having been in the area quite a lot over the years, I’m quite surprised with how many of these hidden gems I was completely unaware of.

Due to the game having been created before the pandemic began, there were a few little differences, and some things we couldn’t find at all (though were still able to solve with prior knowledge of the area) but I have been told these things would be fixed asap to make the trail fully functional once again. It was a very fun experience and so good to go out on a little scavenger hunt again after such a long time without any of these kind of games at all.

I can definitely recommend Secret City Trails, especially if you’re in the area as a tourist, as it does lead you to quite a few hidden spots that even locals often don’t know everything about.

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