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Unlock! – Mythic Adventures

Mythic Adventures
04 May 2021
at home
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The last Unlock game on my list! I’ve now played all available Unlock stories and am hoping new ones are going to be released very soon!

As all Unlock boxes, Mythic Adventures consists of three card based games to play with the help of an app, with varying difficulty levels.

First up, In The Clutches Of Hades, a game where you take on the role of a slave in ancient Greece, hoping to find your way to freedom. This game had a lot of clever tricks up its sleeve, with really fun game mechanics and entertaining puzzles. I also loved the art on the cards of Clutches of Hades, it was overall a very fun and aesthetic game with a great story to tell and many choices to make.

Second in the difficulty rating, Professor No-Side’s Animal-O-Matic, where we meet our old nemesis once again, but this time we play AS the Professor, not against him! No-Side has invented a machine that can transfer your consciousness to an animal, and we get up to silly antics to use it to its full potential. This game was so much fun, it involved a lot of hopping from animal to animal and figuring out which critter is best suited to which task.

Lastly, we have Around The World In 80 Minutes. As the name suggests, we’re tasked with recreating Phileas Fogg’s express travel around the world. You can really tell that this box is one of the newer boxes, as the app is really used to its fullest potential. This game was definitely the hardest of the three, but also the most entertaining. Weaving a story and including several little side-plots, it was a delight to figure out.

I really enjoyed my Unlock journey on the whole and am eagerly waiting for new boxes to come out for more puzzling fun!

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