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Decktective – Bloody-Red Roses

Bloody-Red Roses
20 April 2021
at home
2.0 out of 5.0 stars

Having played several of the Deckscape games, I was quite excited to get stuck into Decktective, Bloody Red Roses. It’s another pocket size game for 1-6 players, this time in the theme of a murder mystery.

Before I get into the review, I have to mention that I did play this game on my own. I have done this with most Deckscape games and never found it to be detrimental in gameplay. Seeing that this game is recommended for 1-6, I thought it would also be fine to play it solo. But in hindsight I would recommend to play this with at least three people, but preferably more. Simply for the fact that less eyes for this particular game mechanic means that it is way too easy and simple to solve. There would be more restrictions on larger groups, which would give it a more interesting edge.

What I did love about this game is that several cards and the game box come together to create a dimensional crime scene for players to inspect. This is such an unusual touch and really helpful in unfolding the story. There is an actual plot to unravel, which leads to a very clear suspect.

I personally found it way too easy to uncover the truth and figure out who did it, why and how. But as mentioned previously, a larger group would likely find it harder to muddle their way through, thus increasing the fun!

I kept waiting for a twist or large red herring, but unfortunately couldn’t find any. Still, it was a good half hour of fun and I’d definitely give the other games in the series a try at some point.

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