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Unlock! – Heroic Adventures

Heroic Adventures
29 April 2021
at home
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

My second to last box in the Unlock series, Heroic Adventures! I left one of the newer ones for last, but this box was very appealing as well. There are again three stories, and all of them are relevant to my interests!

First up, Insert Coin, based on good old Arcade games. You work your way through level after level to rescue Princess Marion *snort* while discovering bonus levels and hidden areas. This game was super fun to play and really immersive. It is the easiest in the box, so there were few moments of hesitation as most puzzles had quite obvious answers. This isn’t to say it wasn’t a ton of fun though!

Secondly, a Sherlock Holmes themed game! We were tasked with helping Sherley solve the murder of Mr. Hall. Following all the hidden clues and pieces of evidence, three suspects emerged. Once found, we had to retrace their steps and finally interrogate them to put the pieces together and find the truth. I absolutely loved this scenario. It was very different than most other Unlock scenarios I’ve played, with legitimately hidden clues to be discovered and unusual game mechanics through the cards as well as the app. What a joy to play.

Lastly, The Pursuit Of The White Rabbit. Where do I even begin. This was quite possibly my least favourite Unlock scenario so far. It did start off really well, but quickly dissolved into chaos and guessing games rather than logical puzzles. I guess in a way that makes sense for an Alice in Wonderland themed game, but it was very frustrating.

There were some cute features and puzzles, but mostly it was exasperating. Especially the very last puzzle, which is pretty much unsolvable with the materials provided and needs a lot of outside help to actually work. It was an absolute pain in the butt.

I’m really not sure how to rate this box due to the large variety in the games, two I loved and one I hated. It’s probably still worth playing, just be prepared for the Alice game to be a bit of a mess that doesn’t have any rules…

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