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Exit – Dead Man On The Orient Express

Dead Man On The Orient Express
14 April 2021
at home
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Another game in the Exit series, I’ve had Dead Man On The Orient Express on my shelf for quite a while now. I finally tackled it the other day. As with all Exit games, this one works with a series of answer cards, riddle cards, a disc and a few “mysterious items”, in this case those items are the different compartments the suspects are riding in, but they are not to be opened until the game tells you to. In addition to having a lot of riddles and puzzles to solve, this game is also a murder mystery, so you have to gather clues to find culprit amidst a group of suspects.

The setup of the game is quite obvious from the title, a dead man has been found on the Orient Express, and it is your job to review the alibis and clues to find out whodunit. I really enjoyed the pacing and puzzles of this game, with nothing being too obtuse or simply time wasting. Instead, all puzzles progressed logically and with so many clever little hidden elements.

There was only one puzzle that was a bit rubbish, as the way it was set up with a table and a diamond, it was almost impossible to get the correct number out of it and I had to use the clue cards to check the result, which I still couldn’t get to from the setup after having checked which numbers SHOULD be the result. But apart from that one, which seemed to not really fit with the rest of the game anyway and could have been constructed a lot better, all the other puzzles and challenges were super fun to solve.

There are many clues that lead you through the group of suspects and point out the murderer, but you have to pay attention to the details to figure it out. In the end, I solved it in 52 minutes and picking the correct culprit. It was one of the best Exit games I’ve played so far, big recommend!

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