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District 3 Escape – Something Brewing

Something Brewing
14 April 2021
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Last week I grabbed a spot on The Escaperoomer‘s team to take a stab at District 3 Escape’s Something Brewing escape room. District 3 are located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and are offering a few avatar based escape rooms. This means that one of the game hosts is in the room as an “avatar”, and players navigate them around and tell them what to look at and what to try.

I really like avatar based games as it enables you to see the actual escape room rather than a fully online based game. Which, in current times, is a great alternative to actually going to escape rooms in person. Something Brewing is based in a coffee shop, and we start out as regular customers encountering a barista who is eager to leave work to attend a new year’s eve party and see the fireworks, which will start in exactly 60 minutes.

Of course, we accidentally get locked in and have to find a way to get out and get to the party. Our host, David, was very fun and stayed in character throughout, feigning surprise at every new hidden compartment and secret room we discovered, constantly reminding us how much time he had left before the fireworks would start. The room started off a bit slow, but we soon discovered extra rooms with extra surprises. I don’t want to give anything away, but this room has A LOT to offer. It even includes a multiple choice element where you determine the path your team wants to take. So there is some replay value to this game, which is quite rare for escape rooms.

We had a great time working through this room, trying to find all hidden compartments and solve puzzles as a team. As there are several staircases involved, we really made David work by chasing him up and down the stairs continually. Something Brewing comes with so many innovative puzzles and features, it was such a delight. We even managed to grab a spot on the leaderboard and ended up on 9th of all time! I can’t recommend this room enough and definitely want to try some of their other rooms on offer.

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