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Scarlet Envelope – I and II

Newspaper and Cabaret in Lapin Blanc
04 April 2021
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I was lucky enough to get a hold of the first two chapters of the Scarlet Envelope, a new-ish monthly subscription game from Canada. This one doesn’t so much have a set theme, but they went about it really cleverly. The first letter is an invitation from a secret organisation who have been watching you and want to test your mystery solving skills. It includes a variety of items from all following chapters and an overarching mystery to be solved.

Scarlet Envelope works with a mix of resources included in the envelope, and multimedia resources that you can follow on your smartphone or computer. It’s a really well done mix and felt quite immersive in that way. The theming was strong, with interesting leads in many different directions. The second envelope shows more of where the series will be going, time travel! You are tasked with visiting different decades and settings from the past to the future to crack mysterious cases.

Envelope two concentrates on just one case, that of the disappearance of a cabaret performer in Paris in 1899. Who is she, why has she disappeared, and what are these love letters from her fiance and her lover all about? The puzzles and leads are all very well laid out, though it can be difficult to spot what to tackle next if you don’t pay close attention. With a very clever online system, the story unfolds right before your eyes and each clue gets you close to the solution.

I found the Scarlet Envelopes really fun to play and enjoyed the stories very much. I’m definitely tempted to get a monthly subscription for the whole series! Especially since the price seems very good for the value you get, it’s only $20CAD a month, which is about £12, and you get about 90 minutes entertainment from each envelope, so definitely worth while. What a fun project!

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