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Swamp Motel – The Mermaid’s Tongue

The Mermaid’s Tongue
03 April 2021
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

And finally, still out of order, we played the second instalment of Swamp Motel ‘s trilogy immersive series! I do wish we’d started with the first one, rather than the last, as the last one did have a few minor spoilers for episode one and two, but it didn’t ruin the fun of the game at all! The Mermaid’s Tongue is played on the company’s own platform, beginning with a life drawing class in which our contact secretly gives us some information to kick off a wild chase through the internet. The story is a brilliant continuation of Plymouth Point, slowly revealing more of the dark goings on as we race through a multitude of websites to find clues and solve puzzles.

As with the other instalments of this series, most of the game components are pre-recorded, but there is always a live game-lead to hand to help out when needed, perfectly in character to keep the game immersive. We did have quite a few technical issues, and I wish the videos used would have readable subtitles to help with understanding, but we still had an amazing time playing! Our team worked together very well to find hidden clues, crack passwords, hunt down secret identities, and find the mythical Mermaid’s Tongue to help bring down a dark organisation.

I cannot recommend this trilogy enough, it’s so well thought out and has loads of tasks to work through for the entire team, while being wholly immersive and keeping everyone on their toes. Utilizing a variety of technologies, it seamlessly blends the story and the real word together, creating an amazing experience that will stick in my mind for a long while to come.

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