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Swamp Motel – Plymouth Point

Plymouth Point
03 April 2021
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

After already having played Swamp Motel ‘s third instalment of their current trilogy online immersive game, The Kindling Hour, my small group of gamers decided to get the full story and booked Plymouth Point and The Mermaid’s Tongue. While each of the three games are standalone playable, they are definitely part of an overarching story. Having played the last game already might have given us a bit of peace of mind, knowing the overall ending, but it didn’t ruin Plymouth Point at all!

We got to experience the beginning of the story, which takes place in a small neighbourhood watch community, where one member has found some strange occurrences that led to her neighbour going missing. We are tasked with helping to find out what happened to her and unearth very unsettling information along the way. I absolutely love how this game sends you on a crazy scavenger hunt around the internet, with just a few hints and bits of information that see your team tasked with following up and digging deep.

The first game in the series is played through Zoom, which actually works really well as most of us have that installed on our computers already anyway. There was so much information to find and a lot to do, so our team of three players was very busy following up all the leads and putting the information together. While most parts of the game are pre-recorded, there is a live game-lead in the chat that can help your team out, in character, when you get stuck or have any questions. It’s very immersive and just so well done, I can’t stop recommending the series to people. Swamp Motel pull out all the stops to make this a top notch immersive experience that sits somewhere between theatre and escape room and is so thoroughly themed and brilliantly executed.

If you’re into internet sleuthing and puzzle solving, this is the game for you! We started with the last instalment first, which is fine as they’re all standalone playable, but I’d say you’re better off starting with Plymouth Point and working your way up. 

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