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Unlock! – Star Wars

Star Wars
16 March 2021
at home
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

While I’m working my way through the Unlock line, I finally made it to the Star Wars box! I was really looking forward to this one, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. As with all Unlock boxes, this one contains three different adventures, each composed of a stack of cards, and is played with the aid of an app. The Star Wars box comes with its own app that is packed with a few extra tricks that previous boxes weren’t equipped with.

The first adventure, Escape from Hoth, sees the player take the role of a Rebel who must warn Echo Base of an imminent Imperial attack, and help the Rebels escape before it is too late. It has some very interesting game mechanics, as well as my favourite final puzzle so far! I really liked how logical and straight forward the whole adventure was, though it did feel a bit short. But then again, it was the easiest difficulty level, so I did expect it to not take too long. I played it through in just over half an hour.

Up next, the player becomes a smuggler for Jabba who has been captured by Imperial troops and needs to find their way off the Star Destroyer to deliver their important cargo. Again, there are some neat tricks and clever twists in the game and app handling, but I expected this one to be a bit harder than the first. However, it only took me just under 27 minutes to complete. Maybe thinking like a smuggler just suits me better, who knows! I really enjoyed this adventure though.

Lastly, the most difficult of the three, Secret Mission on Jedah, in which the players become Imperial agents who have to track down and secure kyber crystals. This adventure is PACKED with nuance and clever tricks! From the subtle hints in the cards, to really sneaky functions of the app, it was completely different from all other Unlock adventures I’ve played so far and an absolute delight to work through! It really was difficult but not in an obtuse way, more in a surprisingly clever way!

All in all, I loved this box! The thorough theming, the variety of story lines and characters to be played, it was all very cohesive and so much fun to play through! Definitely recommend this box to any Star Wars fan, it’s fantastic!

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