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Unlock! – Mystery Adventures

Mystery Adventures
25 February 2021
at home
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

As with all Unlock boxes, Mystery Adventures comes with three games that are completely card based and work alongside an app. It’s a great way to play an escape game and add a few extra elements without having to destroy parts of the game to solve puzzles.

The first game in this box is The House On The Hill, in which a group of teenagers accidentally unleashed a curse, so we must find the book and undo the curse. It’s quite dynamic and plays well, though it is very evident that this is one of the earlier boxes, as the app isn’t utilized as well as in the later games. Some of the riddles are a bit obtuse, but it’s quite solvable.

The second game is The Nautilus Trap, where your diving adventure is interrupted by a sea monster attack, so you flee into an old submarine, but the monster still pursues you. To escape, the giant octopus must be fought off. This one was a really frustrating game for me. I found most of the riddles to be very obtuse and deliberately complicated in a way that feels counter-intuitive. Usually the puzzles make sense and flow well, but for some reason this particular game just didn’t feel that way.

Lastly, The Tonipal’s Treasure is a real pirate adventure. This one turned it around again and was such a joy to play! Racing against time to make it to the treasure first, there are so many wonderfully done and creative riddles and puzzles to solve. With great visuals and a real treasure map, it’s definitely my favourite game in the box!

I really love these Unlock boxes, I’m almost through the entire series though with just four boxes left to solve! 

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