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CU Adventures – The Lost Temple

The Lost Temple
07 March 2021
at home
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Today I played another of CU Adventures online escape rooms with The Escaperoomer. This time we chose The Lost Temple, a 1-2hr adventure for up to 6 players. As with Floor 13, it was played through an online interface with videos, images, audio narration and more.

Unfortunately, puzzles are still only solvable by the lead players while everyone else can only look at supporting material, but with the 24 page print pack, there is plenty to do for everyone. With two players, we solved the room in about an hour and ten minutes and really enjoyed the story that unfolded. What I really liked about The Lost Temple was the almost linear storyline, a good variety of puzzles, and plenty resources that were very well done, including audio recordings that really helped along the way.

However, the print pack felt badly designed in several ways. Firstly, 24 pages is a lot to expect patrons to print, especially when most of the resources are easily available online during the game. Secondly, the print quality wasn’t good enough to see small little details, so it was still a struggle to read things at times. And lastly, the pages weren’t printed in the sequence in which they were used, leading to some confusion as to which pages to use when. There is a non-print version available, but it is obvious less challenging as the puzzles are already mostly assembled for this screen-only version.

Despite all that, it’s a very fun game and a real bargain at $10 per team! I can definitely recommend it, great for remote playing as well.

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