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Code Bakers

Code Bakers
05 March 2021
at home
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Recently I saw The Escaperoomer mention this new escape game idea, Code Bakers! Code Bakers combine delicious treats with tricky puzzles, mixing two of my favourite things into a winning combination. I immediately had to order one and played it tonight.

The premise is quite simple, your friend T. Baker is being pursued by rival bakers and needs to save his precious recipes. But who of his friends can he trust? He has sent three different treats to his top three confidantes, hoping they can keep them safe. You receive one of these boxes and need to sort through the clues to open the lock and get to the treat!

There’s a variety of puzzles to work on, with letter riddles, algebra puzzles, picture codes, and even some crafty paper folding! I couldn’t see a clear sequence of puzzles and at times it felt a bit random, but the tasks needed were obvious enough to work right through. The picture puzzle threw me off a bit in the end, but after checking the hints I went with my first idea and opened the lock!

With just 26 minutes and 37 seconds played, I had hoped for some more complex puzzles, but the gorgeous honeycomb bar made it more than worth it! I’d definitely recommend you order yourself or your friends a Code Bakers box and puzzle your way to the delicious reward. And I sincerely hope they make this a recurring box with different puzzles each month, I’d definitely be a repeat customer!

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