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Exit – The Secret Lab

The Secret Lab
28 February 2021
at home
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

As I’m working my way through the Exit game series, I’m getting to the more difficult games. So last week I grabbed The Secret Lab. The premise is that you are a volunteer for a medical research study, but when you get to the lab it is deserted. You suddenly feel dizzy and pass out, when you awaken, you’re locked in the lab. But you find a mysterious notebook that could help you find your way out.

This game has a really nice flow to it, with one riddle leading to the next and every setup making a lot of sense. It’s very straight forward, while still throwing challenges in with many more involved puzzles. The Secret Lab feels very thought out, with plenty of surprises thrown in for good measure. With loads to do and a smooth and intuitive flow, this is definitely one of my favourite Exit games so far!

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