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Exit – The Forgotten Island

The Forgotten Island
22 January 2021
at home
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

A beautiful sailing expedition turns into a fight for survival in The Forgotten Island. A sudden storm destroys your ship and you find yourself on a deserted island, where you find a boat chained and locked to a palm tree. You must follow clues and solve puzzles to discover all codes and find your safe journey home. I loved the concept and many of the puzzle ideas in this game, there were so many things to do, explore, and try out.

However, many of the puzzles seemed a bit intentionally obtuse and way too complicated to make sense. For example (no spoilers) having to arrange items to get a string of words in the right order makes sense, having to change directions within this several times just makes it unnecessarily complicated. I needed way more help cards than usual and it took me over 80 minutes to complete this game. While it was still fun, there were just so many frustrating parts about it.

Still, you could see the innovative ideas for the puzzles, I just feel it wasn’t play-tested to the extent it should have have been. There were two puzzles in Forgotten Island that are so amazingly done and innovative, I count them among my favourite escape box game puzzles to date, but other puzzles were just painful and no fun at all. I think the decision to use symbols instead of numbers for this game, but still make most solution numbers that then need to be converted to symbols was a bit of a reach as well and just felt like needless complication.

Forgotten Island has its moments, and if you like a difficult challenge, this is definitely the game for you! If you prefer logical puzzles, maybe skip this one and go with a different Exit game, like The Abandoned Cabin or The Sunken Treasure, instead.

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