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Sherlock Holmes – The Case Of The Jung Parliament

The Case Of The Hung Parliament
21 February 2021
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I had originally booked this for my birthday, but it was delayed a bit due to technical difficulties. I finally got to attend the show last night and can only say it was more than worth waiting for! This immersive show is a real whodunit of high standards! From the entertaining and focused host who did a great job of leading our rag tag troupe through the adventure, to the great multiple choice video interviews and fantastic pre-recorded plot videos, this show has it all. I really do like a good murder mystery!

Three members of parliament have been found hung in their chambers. It was evident quite quickly that these were murders, but Sherlock is on another case, so Inspector Lestrade selected us new recruits to solve this crime alongside Watson. First we inspected all the crime scenes in navigable 3D images with loads of details to discover. Once we all worked together to compare notes and make first deductions, we then moved on to interview suspects, find more evidence, and finally make a group decision.

I really liked that the group was engaged to work together, rather than competing with each other. In the end, all the pieces fit together to lead us to a firm suspect with means and motive. We successfully solved the case and were rewarded with a mention from Sherlock Holmes himself.

Les Enfants Terribles put together a brilliant adventure that’s really fun to play. If you’re looking for an immersive murder mystery, go head on over and book your spot! Whether you play with a group of friends or join a public performance to play with strangers, it’s a good hour and a half of fun. Don’t miss out!

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