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Deckscape – Test Time

Test Time
29 January 2021
at home
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Another Deckscape game! This one involved time travel, I’m a sucker for games that involve time travel! Deckscape are pocket escape rooms which are really fun to play. They come with a stack of cards with instructions, items, and puzzles on them and can be played alone or in a small group. Everything needed is provided on the cards.

Test Time starts with Doctor Thyme welcoming us as his students, and letting us know he has prepared a series of tasks to test our suitability for his project. With that, we are left to fend for ourselves and need to discover his invention and how it works. It’s a great premise and I like the design of the puzzles and items as well. I did find that Test Time had a very low difficulty level though and was hoping for some more difficult riddles and tasks.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen any difficulty ratings on the Deckscape games, like other boxed escape games often have, so it’s a bit of a surprise what you’re going to get. I solved this one in 43 minutes and found all the puzzles to be somewhat predictable and easy to solve. It was still a lot of fun to play through and I have another two Deckscape boxes already lined up to play in the near future

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