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The Guardians Of The Elixir

The Guardians Of The Elixir
14 February 2021
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I recently played The Real Escape UK‘s online escape room Guardians Of The Elixir. I joined The Escaperoomer for the experience. Guardians of the Elixir is played completely online with no resources to be printed. It’s recommended that each player has access to two devices, and they should definitely be larger devices, like a laptop and a tablet. A phone won’t be too useful, as you need to see all the items you collect at a proper size to use them.

It’s quite a bargain at just £15 per TEAM, not per player. But due to the nature of the game, I’d recommend this for teams of up to 4 players maximum as the linear game can’t be played by too many people at the same time. It’s perfectly playable for a couple or even a single player though.

The game itself is played in a 3D room that easily navigated, and holds 22 challenges to work through. Everything is built up quite logically and feels more like completing tasks rather than solving riddles. It was quite fun to play through and fully functional for both of us at the same time, meaning we could both click things and open locks and the other person would immediately see the results. As far as online escape games go, that is fantastic usability.

While the game was really fun to play, the ending felt very anticlimactic. We found the elixir and suddenly without warning there was a “Congratulations” notice with no finishing story or image or video waiting for us. I was hoping for a little wrap-up that explained what had happened or even a little tid bit or image to top off the adventure. But there was nothing and it felt a little bit empty. Still, for the price it is a very fun hour to spend online! So if you like remote playing with your team, I’d say go for it and enjoy the experience!

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