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Exit – The Sunken Treasure

The Sunken Treasure
10 January 2021
at home
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Okay, this one was really fun to play! The premise is quite simple, you are a treasure hunter and searching for the legendary treasure of the sunken Santa Maria. As with all Kosmos Exit games, this one comes with a decoder disk, a stack of riddle cards, a stack of answer cards, several 3-card stacks of help cards and a few “strange items”.

This is more of a family game again and definitely suitable for children over 10, it’s chock full of fun little riddles and games that aren’t super complex, but just very entertaining to work through. It also comes with some cute little treasure to keep in the end, so would be really fun for a group of older children to play for a birthday party or small gathering.

Sunken Treasure has the cutest design and works really well with a linear story line and lots of small little surprises. I very much enjoyed this box game though it only took about 45 minutes to solve. It was just so immersive and cute, I really liked The Sunken Treasure! Great newcomer game to start out with!

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