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Adventure Games – The Volcanic Island

The Volcanic Island
January 2021
at home
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Just like the Adventure Games – The Dungeon that I played previously, Volcanic Island feels more like a role playing game. It comes with straight forward rules, location cards, item cards, characters, and an app that makes game play easier, as it replaces the thick plot book that works a bit like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

Volcanic Island starts with the premise that your team (one to four players) are students whose professor has vanished, tasked with finding him and discovering what is happening on this strange island. We played as a duo and thoughts game play was very well done, though the plot didn’t seem as well thought out and structured as the Dungeon game. This might be due to the fact that there are more choices to be made and more alternate plot lines to choose from. Unfortunately the app mis-functioned at least three times, which we didn’t discover until the third time when an item combination led us to an entry that had nothing whatsoever to do with what we tried to do. Through this we figured out that the two times we got “no entry available” notifications, the app just wasn’t programmed right and we could have combined those items after all! Of course we could have just played with the book, but I really like the added mood of having someone read out all the entries through the app. I hope this was updated and fixed since I’ve played the game!

The story also felt a little more disjointed, and at times things happened that didn’t make sense for our situation (people appeared that were already in other places and not able to move around anymore, for example), which didn’t happen in the Dungeon game at all. Possibly too many plot lines intersecting at weird points. It was also unclear that we were supposed to have special abilities, which was only marginally referenced at the end of the game. Despite all this, we still very much enjoyed the game, despite brief moments of confusion.

I imagine this one is even more interesting with a team of 4, as you would be able to cover a lot more ground than we did. I do enjoy the structure and game play of Adventure Games and will definitely try out more in the future!

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