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Deckscape – Heist In Venice

Heist In Venice
11 January 2021
at home
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I decided to try the Deckscape pocket escape games, as they’re small, compact, and compelling! The first one I gave a go was Heist In Venice, a simple enough premise in which you and a team of other professional thieves are hired to steal a diamond from a casino in Venice.

I think this game would be more fun to play with a group of people, as there are 6 characters that all have different, vital skills that are needed. So I had to play all six characters by myself which made a lot of puzzles a lot easier to solve as I had all the needed information right there without having to communicate with others. Still, it was a brilliant concept for a card based game that flows really well.

The twists and turns and the entire story line were super entertaining, I really enjoyed playing through in about an hour and fifteen minutes. I have ordered a few more Deckscape games to try them out, I find card based escape games to be really compelling as you do not have to destroy them to play them, so can pass them on to other people once you’ve played them through! Keep an eye out for further reviews of Deckscape games coming up soon!

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