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Detective Society – Episode One

Episode One
16 January 2021
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

I was sent a used copy of Episode One of the subscription box concept game The Detective Society, which is a monthly mystery game with an overarching theme but fully stand-alone playable episodes. Each season has 6 individual episodes that are fully self-contained but form an interesting storyline when played in sequence.

Episode one sees you recruited as a new detective for The Detective Society, for which you are tasked with a “simple” missing person’s case to solve to prove your prowess. It’s a very well designed game with online elements and lots of high quality printed props. I really enjoyed the sequences, riddles and games that were contained in the box itself.

However, I did find that there were too many online and phone elements that I wasn’t very comfortable with. As someone with anxiety, I find it difficult to be asked to call someone, even knowing it will just be a recorded message, and did not find this necessary for the game itself. The email tasks didn’t quite bother me that much, but I would have preferred to have more things contained in the box that didn’t need online work to finish, or could possible have done within an app rather than actual websites and emails. That said, they were definitely fun tasks and very solvable riddles and took just over an hour to solve altogether.

Considering each box is up to £35 (or less with a variety of different purchase options), I thought it wasn’t quite difficult enough overall. It feels like more of a beginners game that doesn’t quite offer enough for the seasoned player. Still, it is a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the story line. I might try to get a hold of the other episodes to see how the story develops later on and if it gets more complex and difficult to solve.

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