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Exit – The Stormy Flight

The Stormy Flight
29 November 2020
at home
2.5 out of 5.0 stars

The Stormy Flight sees players take on the role of cabin crew on a flight to Barbados. A sudden awful storm comes on and you have to take on the task of repairing and safely landing the plane in turbulent conditions. As with all Kosmos Exit games, this one comes with a decoder disk, a stack of riddle cards, a stack of answer cards, several 3-card stacks of help cards and a few “strange items”.

So I laid everything out on the table and started the Kosmos app for atmospheric background sounds and off I went to board this adventure. However, I found a lot of the riddles and games to be somewhat convoluted and not as logical as I am used to from this type of game. Some of the mechanics were hard to replicate and seemed unnecessarily convoluted. The premise and plot were great and very different, but the game play just felt a bit lacking from Exit game standards.

I enjoyed playing most of this game, but left feeling a little disappointed with how frustrating some of the puzzles were. It took me just over 82 minutes and I ended up with 9 stars, so it wasn’t a total failure, but it does have potential to be made better with a few little tweaks. Overall, it was still a very creative game with a few fun and unique twists in it

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