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Unlock – Epic Adventures

Epic Adventures
January 2021
at home
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The series of Unlock games by Space Cowboys is an absolutely brilliant concept. The entire game play happens through a series of numbered cards and an interactive app. To advance, you combine location and item numbers to calculate the number on the next card you’ll need, or interact with the app to solve puzzles or find extra clues. This way, you are guided through a variety of different story lines. I love this concept and it’s really fun to play as you get to try out different things to see if you’re right or get a penalty.

Box 7, Epic Adventures, comes with The Seventh Screening, The Dragon’s Seven Tests, and Mission Number 07. The Seventh Screening centres on a horror film screening that goes a little wrong. It is brilliantly immersive and so much fun to play, though I found the ending a little bit annoying.

The Dragon’s Seven Tests sees you trying to become Master Li’s disciple through passing a series of tests and finding your way around the temple. It’s a bit different and quite interesting in how it poses its tests and the degree of care one has to take to get the riddles just right.

Mission Number 07 focuses on you being a secret agent who has to defend their agency, which has been infiltrated by a mole. Find the mole and stop them before it’s too late! I really enjoyed the elimination process that lead to finding the mole, it is very well done.

Overall, all three games in this box are great, I’d say about intermediate to advanced difficulty and good variety between the three games.

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