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CU Adventures – Floor 13

Floor 13
21 January 2021
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Yesterday I got to play Floor 13, a print&play escape room by CU Adventures. This was probably the most printer friendly print&play I’ve ever tried, with just 12 pages of black and white content to print. It also comes with an online feature in with which all participants can navigate through the rooms independently.

The premise of this game is simple to start with, you leave work and realise you forgot something in your office, so you head back to the darkened building. But once you’re in the lift, it suddenly brings you to the 13th floor, which is odd for a 9 floor building. The lift doors open, and you find yourself in a large, abandoned office outfitted with tech from the 90s. You’re trapped and have to find your way out! Generally a really fun premise that goes all out with mentions of the infamous Y2K bug, floppy disks, and loads of now-antiquated technological marvels. Game play is quite immersive and fun, with printed resources helping to solve online puzzles. Unfortunately only one “game leader” can actually use keys and input keywords in the online resource. Everyone else can still look at everything and use the resources to jointly solve the tasks, but not interact with it.

The puzzles are all quite logical and can be solved in any order while progressing through the rooms, so there is still plenty to do for everyone. Another minus point was the lack of an actual resolution at the end. Once you make it out, the team gets a certificate and you’ve won! But there is no explanation of why you got stuck on floor 13, or what was going on with the abandoned office. I missed some kind of closure at the end to wrap up the story.

Despite the few niggles, it was a great, fun game with a good selection of riddles and puzzles to get stuck into, a good substitute for actual escape rooms which we can’t visit during lockdown. Thank you so much The Escaperoomer for having me on your team!

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