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Unlock – Timeless Adventures

Timeless Adventures
January 2021
at home
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

This was the first Unlock box I played! The series of Unlock games by Space Cowboys is an absolutely brilliant concept. The entire game play happens through a series of numbered cards and an interactive app. To advance, you combine location and item numbers to calculate the number on the next card you’ll need, or interact with the app to solve puzzles or find extra clues. This way, you are guided through a variety of different story lines.

I love this concept and it’s really fun to play as you get to try out different things to see if you’re right or get a penalty. Timeless Adventures comes with three games, The Noside Show, Arsène Lupin And The Great White Diamond, and Lost In The ChronoWarp. The Noside Show is set in a wacky circus, where you find yourself joining with the performers to save the circus from a sudden threat. It’s wonderfully bright and the accompanying music from the app makes it spooky but fun! A really good game to get started with, though there are some intricacies that can be easy to overlook, so keep your eyes wide open! Arsène Lupin And The Great White Diamond sends you back in time to Paris to stop the master thief from stealing the titular great white diamond. This adventure relies a lot on the app and has some interesting effects to offer. Overall it’s really gorgeous in its design and I enjoyed the puzzles and structure a lot, though the map was a little misleading and made solving somewhat more difficult. Still, a really fun game with lots to do!

Lastly, the ChronoWarp felt like the most involved game of the three. You have to follow the clues left by Professor Tempus, who built a time machine but met with a bit of a problem in the past. So of course you jump to the rescue and travel through time to help him out and set things straight. The whole thing had a very distinct Back To The Future vibe about it and was extremely fun to play! There weren’t really any difficult puzzles and most things seemed quite obvious, but it was still a lot of fun and showed off some special features of the app as well. I loved all three games in this box and immediately bought two more Unlock boxes to try out.

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