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Lockdown Town

Lockdown Town
14 October 2020
a secret location near London Bridge

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

A few weeks ago I went to the amazing Lockdown Town immersive show by One Night Records
It was the first immersive show I attended after the whole pandemic malarkey started. And it was AMAZING. Very unexpected in some parts, but so reassuring to see an immersive show again after everything we’ve been through this year.

We were led through different rooms representing different parts of the USA. Each room had a live band treating us to a few songs, while we went on a journey from the 1920s to the 1950, following a young character making her way across the country.
From Ragtime to Jazz, Country to Blues, and of course Rock N Roll, live bands treated us to gorgeous sounds while the main protagonist went on a journey to Tulsa to find Greenwood and with it, Black Wall Street.

Wonderfully done and so impact full, I absolutely loved Lockdown Town and am planning to go back again for more. Every week, they have different artists playing in the different rooms, so it’s a new journey each time!

I did not expect the educational angle highlighting the post-slavery plight of Black people in the USA. While I had heard of the happenings in Tulsa, many in the audience were taken by surprise. It’s great to see shows like this developed and make history more approachable for those who would be less likely to seek out an educational performance without the beautiful window dressing.

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