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Death Of England – Delroy

Death Of England – Delroy
28 November 2020
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

When the most recent lockdown was announced, the National Theatre had to cancel the scheduled run of Death Of England Delroy. I was looking forward to seeing the newly renovated Olivier theatre and experience this highly recommended show, so understandably was disappointed when it wasn’t to be.

However, the National Theatre has graciously decided to stream the production on YouTube for free! For 24hrs only. As I already had another show booked last night, when Delroy started streaming, I decided to watch this morning instead. And what a powerful show it is! Examining racism in England, and the additional complicating factor of classism being alive and well in this country, Death Of England: Delroy tackles a delicate balance of justified anger and the wish to make peace.

Working class child of an immigrant mother, Delroy delves into what it means to be black in England, what tone policing can do to people in distress, how he is treated and viewed on a daily basis, and how even supposedly playful banter can cut deep. Extremely timely with the current pandemic and BLM movement, this piece is absolutely vital and important. I encourage everyone to catch it in the few hours it is still available to watch! You’ll have to start the show by 5.30pm tonight, as it goes offline at 7pm.

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