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09 November 2020
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

That was incredibly powerful! If you can, please take the chance to watch Emilia online during the next two weeks, it is more than worth your time!

Emilia is based on the first Englishwoman to be a published poet over 400 years ago, Emilia Bassano, who is also rumoured to be Shakespeare’s “dark lady” and some even believe her to be the true author of many of Shakespeare’s plays. Her name does crop up in quite a few of them.

Emilia, the play, an all-woman production, explores what her life might have been like all those years ago, and poses the question of why she was silenced by history. A powerful connection through the centuries, it draws parallels with our current times and plays with a lot pf humour and interpretation.

I absolutely loved watching this show and can’t recommend it enough. Please watch this pay-what-you-can stream if you are able to!

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