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28 October 2020
Colab Tavern
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Have you ever done an exorcism? We did tonight! I went down to London Bridge to attend the latest Colab Theatre production, Flicker. A second adventure in appeasing an angry ghost with Reverend Stanley Park. This time we had to uncover the mystery of Elizabeth Kent’s death in 1934 to lift a curse off the family. We gathered at the Colab Tavern, where they also host the brilliant Crooks 1926, to embark on a ghostly adventure.

The venue is covid safe with extensive distancing measures (sorry for touching all the props, Reverend) and held in very low lighting for that spooky atmosphere. Through uncovering secrets and recovering props, we pieced together what happened to Elizabeth and successfully put her spirit to rest.

This involved heading down into a pitch black basement with a very very pale torch and trying to find items in the dark. I do wish there would have been a tiny level of light down in the basement at least, as I was so worried about tripping and injuring myself that I couldn’t focus on finding props. The extremely low torch light was barely suitable to see a foot in front of you, if even that. I guess that did make it extra scary, but also seemed like a bit of a hazard in a basement with uneven flooring.

But in the end we found what we needed, and through team work with the entire group uncovered the whole story! In usual Colab manner, the production was thought through, very immersive, and creepily spooky! The perfect Halloween treat! Definitely recommend giving Flicker a go if you like scary murder mysteries and ghost encounters.

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