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Dante’s In Furlough

Dante’s In Furlough
16 October 2020
The Vaults

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Back before Halloween, before we moved into November lockdown, tier 3, and then tier 4, and then additional restrictions, and tier 5, I got to return to my favourite London venue, The Vaults.
Immersive theatre during a pandemic, felt a bit odd but with small audience groups, decent distancing and most patrons wearing masks throughout, I felt safe.

We were invited to the devil’s wedding, to Nancy, in hell. So when we arrived at the Vaults (after the boring track&trace and safety announcements of course) a demon welcomed us into the first circle of hell and made us sign a contract of behaviour rules. Subsequently we were introduced to a few characters and our mission for the night, to collect souls to bring as gifts for the wedding.

What followed was an odyssey in typical Vaults manner, filled with quirky fun and bonkers entertainment. It was a wild ride and absolutely amazing how the team managed to provide very immersive scenarios with audience participation, while still keeping us in our bubbles and distanced from one another. Of course the whole trip was topped off with a beautiful finale in the pits of hell where we faced the Devil themselves!

A brilliantly creative and fun show, I would definitely recommend checking it out once it is back on. For the time being, it is of course paused due to the current situation. But if it does open up again in the future, do grab tickets with your household bubble and experience this fun and innovative show.

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