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The Panic Room – CSI Grounded

CSI Grounded
19 April 2020

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Today I was invited by Love PopUps London to join her team to solve one of The Panic Room’s online escape adventures, CSI : Grounded.

This adventure is played completely online. You need no printer or fancy setup, any internet capable device will do. We were given our access code, which works across multiple devices, and used a video chat app to communicate throughout the game.

The premise of CSI : Grounded is that a murder has taken place on an aeroplane mid-flight. The flight had to be redirected and all passengers are suspects. We have to look at all the evidence to determine who, how, and why! We were a little slow getting started as we tried to figure out how the online escape room system worked, but once we finally figured that out, it went pretty smoothly. We had to navigate through a succession of puzzles to figure out a variety of passcodes to access further evidence and unravel the mystery.

For each puzzle, there’s a sequence of clues available for when you need help, and you can also have the answer displayed if you’re completely stuck. We didn’t have to resort to getting the answers, but did use a few clues to help us understand what we were meant to do with some of the puzzles.

We found a big variety of different puzzles throughout the game which really kept us on our toes, but helped uncover the murderer in the end. A really fun challenge! It did take us a little more than the 60 minute time frame for this game, but you can play as long as you need to while keeping your own time. After an hour and fifteen minutes we had cracked the case and were rewarded with a celebratory video that reviewed the case!

I really had a lot of fun with this one, it’s so nice to be able to still play escape room like challenges despite the current lockdown, right from your own home.

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