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06 November 2019
Shaftesbury Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Oh, where do I start with this one. I’d heard so much about &Juliet that I had to check it out for myself, and let me just say, this will definitely not be my only visit! I’m usually a bit sceptical when it comes to jukebox musical, especially ones based on pop music, but this one? This one’s a definite hit and bound to stay for a long time!

The premise is quite simple, William Shakespeare has just finished writing Romeo and Juliet and is ready to see it performed in his theatre, when his wife, Anne Hathaway, unexpectedly turns up and changes everything. Questioning why the play must have such a dreary ending, she asks a big question. What if Juliet DOESN’T die at the end, but makes a new life for herself?

Based on this, the story changes, giving well known characters a new lease on life, and bringing new characters to the foreground to support the narrative. It sounds a bit silly, but it absolutely works! With a plethora of early 00s hits the plot shifts and develops into a beautiful coming of age story for a young Juliet and her host of friends.

Incredibly inclusive, feminist, and empowering, this musical has it all! It’s a feel-good show that will leave you smiling for days after. You just can’t help but feel elated and inspired while watching this triumph of a show. It’s one of my most recommended new shows in London, along with SIX, and I won’t shut up about it for a while yet!

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