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The Further Adventures Of The Owl And The Pussy-Cat

The Further Adventures Of The Owl And The Pussy-Cat
21 October 2019
Little Angel Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

We’re back to the Little Angel Theatre, this time to see the staging of The Further Adventures Of The Owl And The Cat, based on the Julia Donaldson book of the same name. We hadn’t actually read this particular book before, but both Donaldson and Little Angel are firm favourites, so we didn’t worry too much about that.

And what a charming show it was! Completely rhymed, the Owl and the Pussy-Cat take us through a funny adventure. With gorgeous puppets of all the animals involved, and a laugh-out-loud storyline, the children absolutely loved this one!

Charmingly created props, from a large boat holding both main actors, to a miniature version of the same boat for the little puppets (which also come in several different sizes) this show is just so cute and well presented. All the children in the audience were 100% focused on the action on stage, it really held their attention well and they talked about it for weeks after!

Beautiful little show that will let your little one’s imagination fly free.

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