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We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt
29 August 2019
Little Angel Theatre

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

We (my two charges, 2yrs and 4yrs, and myself) really enjoy Little Angel Theatre productions, so when we hard they were doing one of our favourite books, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, we just had to grab ourselves some tickets and go!

As always in their main theatre, it’s a bit awkward with seating. They do aim to leave the seats close to the isle for children while adults have to sit towards the walls, but as the theatre fills up, they just let anyone sit anywhere. So it’s not unusual to have an adult sit right in front of a small toddler and completely obstruct their view of the stage, even with a booster seat. We always try to get to the theatre really early to grab the rare seats at the front, but that’s not always possible, so this time I had to make do with one child on my lap and the other complaining she couldn’t see and thus slipping off her booster seat a few times as she wiggled around a lot to try to improve her view. I really wish their stage was a little higher or their seating more raked to help with this issue, it’s specifically a children’s theatre after all.

were going on a bear hunt

The production itself was very charming, though. True to the book and brought to life with gorgeous little puppets, the children absolutely loved it.

With a stage that was beautifully designed to suit each different environment, from a thick and dark forest to the muddy sea side, the little puppets sang their way through their adventure.

Another very well done Little Angel theatre production based on a very popular children’s book, I can definitely recommend it for younger children.

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