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Modern Fables – Hypersomnia

09 August 2019
Modern Fables
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Yesterday Love Popups London and I had a very busy day! Amongst a few other things, we got to try Modern Fables‘s newest escape room experience, Hypersomnia. We have previously played, and very much enjoyed, their other room, The Escapist at their previous location in Bermondsey. They have now moved to a much more convenient location in Hackney that’s much easier to reach than Google Maps might have you believe. A short walking distance from London Fields, Haggerston, and Cambridge Heath stations, as well as a short bus from Bethnal Green, Old Street, or Whitechapel, it’s a great location in a 1950s warehouse complex right across the road from Regent’s Canal.

Note: while I was given this escape room experience free of charge, this does not effect my review in any way!

This escape room does not have a waiting area, so don’t show up too far ahead of your time slot as the door gets unlocked exactly at the booked time. There are plenty of pubs and cafes on Broadway Market just around the corner though, so it’s easy to find a place to gather your friends and hang out for a bit before or after your experience.

Our host, Mourad, welcomed us in character and immediately threw us into the action. Hypersomnia operates on the idea that there are myriads of paralell universes and we are travellers from another universe who need to find their way back home. One of our team was named the assistant who was handed an information folder to get us started.  Within a few minutes we figured out how to approach this not completely linear room and got going on solving all the little riddles as best we could.

There is plenty to do, so all six of us were engaged in the game and it was easy to find tasks for everyone to accomplish so no one felt left out. We progressed quickly but not rapidly, enjoying a variety of technical and analog puzzles and games, many of which needed two or three people to work together to figure it out.

All the tech worked flawlessly, and though some things were a little cryptic, nothing seemed too far fetched and the progression made sense logically for the story set out for us. There were a lot of details and a really immersive and suitable hint system that helped keep us focussed and in the world of Hypersomnia without the use of pesky walkie-talkies or other disruptive hint giving methods.

We had to make a few plot-based decisions before finally escaping from this room with a good time of 52 minutes! I like it when we get a good run time out of a room rather than escaping too quickly or just feeling lost and confused most of the time. This one definitely gave us a lot to do in the hour we had, there were no moments of “so, what do we do next” at all throughout the entire game!

Having played more than 70 escape rooms to date, this one was definitely a top notch experience. Everything worked the way it was supposed to, none of the props seemed fragile or too well used, the story made sense, and so did the hint system and puzzles encountered throughout.

Hypersomnia is very well thought out and a joy to play! On top of that, our host was super friendly and engaged, and great at introducing the basic storyline and theme of the room to us, all while staying in character.

I also love that Modern Fables gives every player a little gift after completing the game. It’s not much value wise, but it’s great to be given something at all and feels like a great little idea to make players feel even better about the experience.

My only niggle would be that a few spaces in the experience are just too badly lit and require some work with torches, which could be quite difficult for those with visual impairments. There’s also no obvious lift for people with mobility needs, but there might be a goods lift that could be used, I’m not sure about that one.

Overall, it was great experience and we had a lot of fun with this brilliantly thought out story and well made escape room.

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