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London Dungeon

London Dungeon
04 August 2019
London Dungeon
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

On Sunday I was invited by Love Popups London to check out the London Dungeon tour. Last time I attended the London Dungeon is about 11 years ago, so I was curious to see if anything had changed with this popular tourist attraction.

We arrived a little before our noon time slot and got to enter the building and join the queue. The time slot on the ticket is the entry time for the building, not the entry time of the actual experience. Depending on how busy it is, it can be quite a long wait, but there’s some entertainment and spooky decor throughout the waiting areas. It wasn’t very busy when we arrived, so after about fifteen minutes, we were shuffled into the experience itself. Right from the start I noticed that the groups are still incredibly big with about 40-45 people per group. Unfortunately this means that at times it can be difficult to see and hear what’s going on in the individual rooms as it does get quite crammed in some of the smaller parts of the experience.

We were ushered through a variety of different rooms, experiencing the history of London up close, from the plague through the big London fire to the witch trials, there’s so much to see. Usually the experience lasts about 90 minutes, but as one of the rides was closed for repairs, ours lasted just over75 minutes. There weren’t many differences from what I saw eleven years ago, but a few new additions here and there. It’s quite spooky, but family friendly, so suitable for the more jumpy people as well. Don’t expect big scares, there are just a few jump scares throughout and a gloomy, spooky atmosphere.

The London Dungeons are somewhat cliche and typical tourist attraction stuff, so if you’re into that, you’ll definitely enjoy it. Do expect to be squeezed into rooms with strangers and be aware that children might not be able to see what’s happening in all rooms as it does get very crowded. Still, it’s a fun thing to do when you get a deal on the tickets.

Pre-booked online price is £25 per adult, £30 at the door on the day, but there are offers when combined with other tourist attractions, which I’d definitely recommend as it gives a much better value for the price. The London Dungeon is a fun attraction for families and visitors, but not necessarily the first thing I’d recommend.

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