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31 July 2019
Troubadour White City
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Yesterday I headed to White City with the children I nanny to see Monstersaurus at the Troubadour theatre. The kids are 2.5 and 4 yrs old and love going to the theatre, so this seemed like an exciting adventure for the day.

After a sunny day with occasional showers spent playing and exploring new playgrounds around the Shepherd’s Bush area, we settled in our seats to see some dancing monsters.

The show is based on the titular children’s book by Claire Freedman, author if the beloved Aliens Love Underpants series, in which Monty finds a mysterious book with instructions on how to create monsters, if you dare! So our brave little hero goes to work to make himself some monsters, who proceed to wreak havoc on his room.

With the help of the ultimate monster, Monstersaurus, he aims to send the little menaces back to where they came from. With plenty of opportunities for audience participation, and a few charming songs strewn throughout, this is a high energy show for children 3+. Both of my charges absolutely loved it and were a little upset when the show ended, wanting to see more of Monstersaurus! They loved the fun monster puppets, and especially the costume of the titular character, half dinosaur, half monster, with spikes and a tail, horns and a fuzzy pelt.

The show runs about 55 minutes and really hit the spot with the mixed audience, bith adults and young children enjoying the silly happenings in stage, and especially savouring the monents in which they were encouraged to sing along, or shout things at the monsters.

A really fun show with a similar energy to Aliens Love Underpants, which I saw in its previous run at the Underbelly Festival.

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