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Spun – Candy Making Masterclass

Candy Making Masterclass
09 July 2019
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Yesterday I had the absolute honour of attending the Lollipop making masterclass at Spun Candy Shop in London Spitalfields, invited by the fantastic Love Popups London blogger and reviewer community. Joanne and I got to spend a full hour learning how to make rainbow lollipops!

I was gifted this experience through Love Popups London, but have not received any payment. This blog reflects my personal opinion of the experience.

Spun has a cute, colourful shop front right around the corner from Spitalfields market. The whole shop just smells like childhood memories and sugary goodness. Their shop front displays a selection of their large face, animal, and spiral lollipops, their famous sugar roses, and of course lots and lots of beautiful hard candy! So many colours and flavours to choose from at the pick and mix bar, and all their lovely masterpieces to look at.

We were welcomed very warmly by the staff, with Emma and Poppy getting us set up for our masterclass with aprons and welcome drinks. After washing our hands thoroughly, we were ready to dive right in.

The class starts with a short, basic lesson on sugar, the history of candy making, methods and techniques, ingredients and of course safety precautions. Sugar boils at 150 degrees Celsius, so care needs to be taken when handling it (with safety gloves of course) and even when cooling down enough to shape it, it’s still hot enough to cause minor burns.

After walking us through the basic process of preparing the boiled sugar into a thick paste that can be moulded and shaped, we watched as they prepared and coloured the sugar to create a rainbow swirl for our lollipops. We were shown basic techniques of how to get the slippery, soft paste onto a wooden stick to create different shapes of lollipops, and then we were off to create our own!

It definitely looked easier than it actually is, the sugar kept sticking to the mat or slipping and sliding out of our hands as hot boiled sugar is a non-newtonian liquid, so it goes very liquid when left to its own devices, but more solid when swiftly manipulated by well trained hands. Obviously we were absolute beginners, so we didn’t fare quite as well as Emma and Poppy, but we had so much fun and laughter while trying to tame the sugar, and even made some respectable lollipops ourselves!

From simple spirals over tornado swirls to hearts and flowers, we were able to make all kinds of lovely lollipops and had a fantastic time along the way! It’s always fantastic to be able to take something hand made home with you after a any kind of class, and in this case, we got some beautiful gifts for friends and family out of it! And a brilliant experience unlike any other.

You can also order your own unique face lollipop, or a sugary likeness of your pet, as well as a myriad other candy concoctions, from their shop or online. They really pour their heart and souls into their creations and will deliver a beautiful, delicious product. The whole shop is also vegetarian, gelatin-free, and gluten-free, and they use as many natural ingredients as possible.

Whether it’s for a date, with a group of friends, for a party or special occasion, or as a family (they have children’s classes as well as family offers), the lollipop making masterclass is super fun and a unique experience. I can only recommend the Spun masterclasses, the whole team are absolutely wonderful and friendly and made us feel super welcome.

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