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Fox In A Box – Zodiac Killer

Zodiac Killer
20 June 2019
Fox In A Box
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Last night we were invited to try out Fox In A Box‘s Zodiac Killer room, courtesy of Love Popups London.

Fox In A Box is an escape room franchise company, their London location is in Dalston, just steps from the Overground and really easy to find. They have three different rooms, Zodiac Killer, The Bunker, and Prison Break. The latter comes with two identical rooms for teams that want to race each other, or for team building events. There’s even a meeting room on site for corporate events to assess and review their mission afterwards.

As a huge true crime afficionado, I was very excited that we selected Zodiac as our chosen room. It’s to be noted that no prior knowledge of the events is necessary to conquer the room, but it definitely adds to the immersion of the experience. Right from the start, we were thrown into the creepy action. After a short introduction and briefing, like most escape rooms, we stepped through the portal to travel back to 1969 at the height of the Zodiac’s activity, to try to catch him before he caught us.

I volunteered to go first as we were told we had to pass through the portal individually, on the other side I was immediately blindfolded and chained to a table. One by one, my team mates were lead into the room, also blindfolded, and handcuffed to the wall. From there, we had to find a way to get out of our bindings and solve all the clues to escape the Zodiac’s lair.

Without giving too much away, the clues, riddles, and games were absolutely amazing. From cryptic clues over hand-built props, to high tech gadgets, this room has it all! The atmosphere is absolutely terrifying with creepy background sounds and scary props, Fox In A Box absolutely achieve a heart pounding experience without sacrificing light! Many creepy escape rooms rely on a dark room to strike fear into the players, not this one! The room is well lit, everything is well legible, and still it’s very scary and fascinating!

We escaped in just around 50 minutes, and not one of those minutes was dull! While we got stuck here and there, there was a great flow to the room and everyone found plenty to do. Our team had very different escape room knowledge, ranging from one complete newbie all the way to me with 65 rooms under my belt, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the experience and contributed to escaping in time!

The Zodiac Killer room at Fox In A Box in Dalston was exciting and very enjoyable to play, I’d definitely recommend it for experienced players and mixed teams. We had so much fun, were thoroughly terrified and will definitely return to try another one of their rooms out soon!

Four and a half stars from me, the half star deducted for a technical issue with one of the props, which was promptly resolved by the hosts with additional information, so really only a minor niggle! Thank you to the Fox team and Jo from Love Popups London for this fun experience!

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  1. Joanne Mortlock 21 June 2019

    Fab glad you enjoyed

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