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The Paint Republic

The Paint Republic
28 May 2019
Stane Street Syndicate
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Last night I was invited to attend an evening event with The Paint Republic and Love Popups London at the Stane Street Syndicate, so I headed down to Clapham Common to get my creative juices flowing.

Pre-painting burger!

We were welcomed with a complimentary dinner of a selection of fries and pre-ordered burgers. I had the posh pollo burger, which comes with bacon, breaded chicken, and avocado on a big, fluffy bun. The chickenwas super juicy, and the burger was well balanced and delicious. Could have come with a little more avocado, but it was a great start for a lovely evening catching up with friends and learning more about painting.

The Original

Once everyone was done with dinner, we headed down to the function room to start our creative adventure. Above you can see the original painting we would be taught to create, step by step, during this paint republic session.

All attendees are provided with everything they need. A table easel with a canvas stood ready, a small roll of different brushes, a water cup to wash them out, and a small palette with dollops of primary colour acrylic paints (blue, red, and yellow) as well as black and white, and off we went!

Ready To Paint!

Our host explained and demonstrated how to start out with a background, and went through all the steps of the painting one by one, so even the most inexperienced painting rookie could follow along and learn some basics of composition, colour theory, and techniques.

We were encouraged to put our own creative spin on our painting, so I chose to use different colours to create mine. Everyone’s creations looked so different and individual, it was a joy to see it all come together. We had plenty of time to chat, drink, and enjoy the evening while working on our paintings.

The Aftermath

In the end we got to have a look at all the different paintings. There was so much creativity, especially from those attendees who had no painting experience and still finished a great piece of art. We even got to finish our paintings with a sprinkling of glitter to add an extra bit of glamour and glitz up our flamingos.

My Finished Masterpiece

It was a wonderful event that everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Our host was very knowledgeable and energetic, helping out and giving little tips and tricks to us along the way, encouraging all painters to explore their creative side and just go for it.

Paint Republic is a fantastic, memorable way to spend an evening with friends, family, or even on a date. There’s plenty of time to chat and enjoy between brush strokes, so much creativity and artistic exploration at play, and a very relaxed and accepting atmosphere. The flamingo theme isn’t necessarily what I’d have picked as a motif myself, but I really enjoyed putting my own spin on it.

The Love Popus London Group!

There’s a great variety of different designs on offer from The Paint Republic, with events happening all over London. With tickets from £25 per person, it’s a fun and different way to spend a couple of hours. Whether you’re artistically inclined or have never touched a paint brush before, you’ll be sure have a fantastic evening and a great painting of your own to take home! I’ll definitely be back for more.

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