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The Slightly Annoying Elephant

The Slightly Annoying Elephant
16 May 2019
Little Angel Theatre
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

In my job as a nanny, I get to see children’s theatre shows quite a bit. This time we went down to the Little Angel theatre to see their production of The Slightly Annoying Elephant, a fun little show based on the same book by David Williams.

The Little Angel Theatre puts on all kinds of shows for youngsters, usually with a recommended age range. The Slightly Annoying Elepant was created for children 3-8 years old, so I took my 2.5yr and 4yr old charges along. They love the silliness of the book, so were quite excited to get to see the elephant on stage.

With large puppets, the book came to life on their small stage. In keeping with the story of the book, the elephant gained entry to Sam’s home trough a loophole on an “adopt an elephant” form from the zoo. The elephant proceeds to wreak havok on the small family house, driving Sam to desperate attempts to get rid of the unexpected visitor.

The puppets were quite large and showed very well how the humongous elephant destroyed toys and furniture and goes on all kinds of little adventures that aren’t meant for elephants at all. The children absolutely loved the silliness of it all and were in stitches throughout the show.

Some parts were a little hard to follow for the very little ones, but well done in keeping with the age range suggested. A really fun and silly little show, entertaining for young and old.

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