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Great British Mysteries – 1599

Great British Mysteries – 1599
07 May 2019
Soho Theatre
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

After having seen Great British Mysteries in their Edinborough previews two years ago (you can check out my review here) I’ve been wanting to see their prequel 1599 since I first heard about it. I finally got the chance when they had a short run at the Soho Theatre.

Olive Bacon and Teddy Tyrell are back, this time as witchhunters extraordinaire. As was expected from their first show, this was a deep dive into silly hilarity. With Teddy being his usual dense self, getting all the laughs when he misunderstands the simplest statements and doesn’t understand any of the jokes, and Olive showing off her intellect and wit in almost every sentence, this truly is at least as funny as their first installment.

From long con jokes woven through the entire storyline to throwaway lines and cheap laughs, Great British Mysteries 1599 is absolutely perfect as a prequel to their previous show.

I loved this installment and hope the duo of Rose Robinson and Will Close keep writing adventures for Olive and Teddy, I’ll definitely be there for the next one again!

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