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Clue Adventures – 2 Tickets 2 Ride

2 Tickets 2 Ride
06 February 2019
2.5 out of 5.0 stars

After having played the book of secrets room months ago, I finally got to try Clue Adventures‘ two player escape room, 2 tickets 2 ride.

Just like the room I previously played, this one has a very solid storyline that makes you feel like you’re actually achieving a goal, not just opening random boxes. The premise is as follows:

A mad man is threatening to sink London into the ground. Unless you can solve his challenges.

Can you solve the devilish riddles he has left you and at the same time put a stop to his wicked plan before it’s too late?

You’re immediately thrown into the action, however, this room definitely needs a strong overhaul. A lot of the tech didn’t work at all or was somewhat dodgy, many props were well used, and some of them just looked too cheaply home made to really work for the story. A big upgrade would definitely make the room much more enjoyable. There’s also quite a bit of maths involved, which could hinder players who find maths problems quite difficult.

Other than that, it was a very fun room with lots of challenges to be conquered. All of the riddles and games make sense and the hint system is very well done. We really enjoyed playing out the storyline and following all the clues.

With a big prop and set upgrade, as well as tech that actually works, I’d give this room a much higher rating, but even with all the issues, it’s still an interesting room with a high difficulty rating.

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